I’m Madden as Hell,

It was announced in April that Brett Favre would be the cover boy (er, cover codger?) for Madden NFL ΄09 — an interesting choice, considering the Green Bay Packer quarterback has retired from playing ball. It became even more puzzling when Favre publicly bashed the game, saying, “Some of our guys play Madden better than they play on Sundays. And they spend more time talking about playing Madden.” All right, we get it, Brett. You love football so much it’s sort of a travesty to you that people take a simulation of it so seriously, many holding it in higher regard than the actual sport. I guess Brett never took a class on postmodernism in college (maybe it wasn’t invented yet). Still, plenty of folks take Madden very seriously, participating in leagues and tournaments on the national level. One such player is Jose Boza — he loves playing the game so much, he travels across the country to compete in tournaments. But Boza says the Madden scene in these parts is a little sparse. So he and his two friends started up their own league: The South Florida Madden Ballers. The Ballers have set up shop at Game Breakers (3700 SW Davie Rd., Fort Lauderdale), and hold monthly tournaments for cash prizes. Today at 6 p.m., Boza and company are set to hold their third tourney. Each acts as a qualifier round, with the top placing players earning points that could net them an appearance in the final in July, where the top two overall will receive national ranking. Entry to the bracket is $20, and the Hooters girls will be out in force, pumping their new Hooters Energy Drink. To register visit www.southfloridamadden.com.
Sat., May 10, 2008

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