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Imagine Sundays

If there is one thing Headliner Market Group is known for, it's having parties packed with celebrities. And we're not talking about reality-show rejects and D-listers (yes, you, Brooke Hogan); we're referring to real celebrities: Kanye West, Amber Rose, Michael Jordan, Lil Wayne, Flo Rida, Dwyane Wade, Ludacris — a who's who of athletes, MCs, video vixens, and all-around fabulous people.

Headliner was responsible for the very popular Sunday-night party at the Forge, which is closed for renovations. But instead of lying low, the party has moved to LIV for Imagine Sundays. Sounds are by Don P and Stevie J, and the event promises to be filled with as many stars as a clear night sky in Miami.

Don't bother looking like a slob here, because unless your name is P. Diddy, the dress code is strictly enforced. For table reservations or more info, call 305-674-4680 or visit livnightclub.com.
Sundays, 2010

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