In America, We Like Everything Big

There are a lot of values that are associated with being an American; respect for your community is one, pride in family is another. Maybe the most important trait that we all share is a love of buying things in bulk. For that reason, Imax (and its corporate sponsor Amex) at the Museum of Discovery and Science (401 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale) is offering a special package deal called The American Heritage Film Festival. In it, you can purchase two films and get two free. Free! (You love free.) Better yet, a few of the educational films haven’t been in heavy rotation at the theater in some time; the Imax staff had to dig deep in the oversized film vaults to retrieve Country Music: the Spirit of America, and the classic Mark Twain’s America. Also on the ticket are two slightly more recent movies, Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West, produced by National Geographic, and NASCAR 3D: The Imax Experience.

Make a day of it, or use the festival as an excuse to score dates with four separate ladies (or guys); films aren’t the only things you love in bulk. This festival begins today and runs through September 20. Tickets cost 14 - $18 for the whole lot. Call 954-467-6637, or visit
Tue., Sept. 4

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