In the Dollhouse

The first guest in the new StitchBird Stuffed Artist series, Rosanna Pereyra seems like the ultimate DIY artist. If you look on her website, you'll see a giant doll house she's working on, beautiful, delicate little masks, and a membership to Much Ado about Dolls. For the upcoming workshop, which will present participants with a pattern to create adorable tiny stuffed animals, Pereyra will be available as the go-to source for all things miniature. You'll work with super-soft flannel fabric and learn to make a more rounded plush. And unlike the homogeneous selection of stuffed bears at Walgreens, your creation can be any evil-looking, goblin-evoking critter you want it to be. Pre-register in-store or at the gallery's website.
Sun., June 28, 1:30 p.m., 2009

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