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It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

It must be exceedingly hard for teens to grasp Bob Dylan. Problem is, if you haven’t followed his Proustian output since those early ´60s proto-hippie days, where do you start? Complicating matters is that Dylan, now 66, has never rested on his laurels. Dylan has gone through numerous incarnations in his 40-year long career (folk, electric, country, blues, born again Christian, etc.), and then doubled back to revisit his previous selves.

To help understand — or further complicate -- the evolving mystery of the bard, here comes the Dylan-inspired movie I’m not There, a fanciful pseudo-biopic wherein six actors (including Richard Gere, Heath Ledger... even Cate Blanchett) play Dylanesque characters inspired by real events, Dylan’s music, and/or Dylan lore. One Bob iteration depicts him as a pre-pubescent black boy channeling the blues and Woody Guthrie. This film could be the cinematic bastard child of D.A Pennebaker and Being John Malkovich, but as Dylan himself might say, it’s alright, Ma... it’s only a movie. Catch I’m not There during its opening week at Gateway Theater (E. Sunrise Blvd. and US 1, Fort Lauderdale). Tickets are $6 to $8.50. Call 954-763-7994, or visit
Mon., Nov. 26, 2007


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