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I've Got My Googly Eye on You

Putting googly eyes on inanimate objects like binders and pencils is practically a childhood pastime. Or if you were a child like me, you would place them on entirely inappropriate inanimate objects and then have to explain to your teacher, and subsequently your parents, why one of your classmates had googly-eye stickers on his pants. The childhood proclivity toward imagination may explain why Todd Brittingham, a part-time elementary art teacher, is so fond of doing it as an adult. Jill Slaughter is curator of special projects for Pembroke Pines and saw Brittingham's artwork and invited him to do a citywide installation. The entire city of Pembroke Pines will be a canvas for bringing life to things that are otherwise ignored. Brittingham's installation began September 5 at the Pines Recreation Center. Then Brittingham headed to the City Hall courtyard as well as the fire station. His work continues this week at the Southwest Focal Point Senior Center and ends on Monday at Towngate and Price Park. Along with decorating the town with googly eyes and other cartoonish human qualities, he will be presenting an installation companion piece in a group exhibit titled "About Face -- A Reflection of Ourselves" at Studio 18, located at 1101 Poinciana Drive in Pembroke Pines on October 4. Call 954-450-6947, or visit
Sept. 13-Oct. 4, 2013


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