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Jacques Treatment

So there's a new pair of rock DJs coming to town. Great, like we really need more so-called hipsters playing Duran Duran and looking like something out of a John Hughes film. Wait a second... the Jacques Chirock DJs -- aren't these the same guys who used to do Real Cool Time, the rock 'n' soul dance party that gave Miami club kids a romp-reelin' alternative to indie-rock boredom? Yep -- that's them. And on Saturday, they're taking the party to the 954 for the first of what should be many a late night at Club M.

The brainchild of DJs Ben Carrillo and Patrick Ceif, Jacques Chirock picked up where Real Cool Time left off, spinning a healthy cross section of glam, garage, punk, and power-pop. "It's like a historical overview of underground rock music," Carrillo says. "But it's done in a way that's concise and comprehensive. It flows."


Jacques Chirock

Club M, 2037 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood.

10 p.m. Saturday, July 16, and continues every third Saturday. Admission is free. Call 954-925-8396.

That last point is something that eludes a lot of the newer DJs -- you know, the ones whose playlists might seem to be set on random. "It's important for DJs to keep the groove going, and a lot of people overlook that," Carrillo notes.

Unfortunately, no matter how good and well-organized the set list, maintaining a club night in South Florida is always a challenge. Carrillo DJed at numerous venues in the past three years, as part of Real Cool Time and solo. Since Carrillo teamed up with Ceif last August, the pair hasn't had much luck finding a club owner eager to court the rock 'n' roll crowd. So after their night at Miami's El Clique came to an end, Carrillo and Ceif decided it was time to head north. Given Club M's recent explosion of live music -- and a sizable crowd to boot -- Hollywood just might be their new home.


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