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John & Yoko’s Last Year

Even people who hate Yoko Ono come around eventually. This seems odd since by all rights, anybody believed to have “broken up the Beatles” should be marked for life — but between then and now, stirring evidence of John and Yoko’s almost creepily profound love has come floating into the mass consciousness, and it makes you smile. How can you not? Remember the famous ´81 Rolling Stone cover with naked John curled up atop of black-clad Yoko, kissing her cheek? It’s almost too sweet to think about without dissolving into blubber. Allan Tannenbaum didn’t take that. Annie Leibovitz did. But before that shot was taken, Allan Tannenbaum took a whole lot of others which are shown in his new book, John & Yoko: A New York Love Story, and in its corresponding namesake art exhibit, which opens this week at The Williams Gallery (7150 Stirling Ave, Davie). All photos being shown were created in the last year of Lennon’s life, in the Double Fantasy period, so if they don’t make you tear up in remorse and sentimentality, nothing will. Admission is free. Visit, or call 954-442-1551.
Nov. 24-Dec. 30, 2007


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