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Karnival Barking

A few months back, the folks at Festival Tribe Events had a vision. They wanted a mini-Woodstock monthly event where hippie kids could get together and listen to their local Grateful Dead cover band as well as the tribal percussion, jam-based noodling, and other musical bits and pieces so near and dear to the hearts of dreadlocked white boys everywhere. And so the first Festival Tribe event was held. And another. And another. And no one showed up for any of them. The Bear, mastermind of the failed hippiefest, had to adapt.

His new approach: the Karnival of Distortion, in which tie-dyes and good vibes have been replaced with black leather and moshing. The first Karnival takes place this weekend at the Ives Dairy Optimist Festival Grounds in North Miami Beach, and the bill is filled with big local names of the hard-rock scene, including Rolling Rock Contest runners-up Drop and Releese.


The Karnival of Distortion

Ives Dairy Optimist Festival Grounds, 1511 NE 207th St., North Miami Beach

Saturday, July 21, from 1 to 11 p.m. Tickets cost $7, plus $2 parking. Coolers and beverages are not allowed on the grounds.

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Releese's singles "In Your Head" and "Ghost" have both enjoyed success, receiving the top slot on Zeta (WZTA-FM 94.9)'s local show. Not even two years old now, the band has made a quick start of it and seems to be on the fast track, in contrast to Drop, the love child of Wayne DeGarma, who founded the band in the 1980s under the name Deluxe. The group has enjoyed some success since that time, including tours with Ugly Kid Joe (remember the group?) and the Goo Goo Dolls. These names and Wallop, Boffa, A Rare Breed, and Hollywood's own Haze round out the bill of the daylong event.

Along with all the feedback and distortion on-stage, the Karnival keeps things cool with a mist house, ensuring wet relief to sunburned concertgoers. Representatives from Deco Dermot's Virtual Fashions are set to model the latest in leather and miniskirts. Vendors selling gifts, food, and beer will also be on hand, so that the Karnival offers good times for the eyes, ears, and tastebuds. The rest is up to you.


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