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Kirk Franklin and Marvin Sapp

Gospel music often pigeonholes itself as a genre only to be enjoyed by Christians. But two artists are having success making sure secular ears hear their songs, and they’re gaining fame in the process. Long-time gospel veteran Kirk Franklin was one of the first to make Christian-themed music that crossed over with ease and his 1997 hit song, “Stomp” is still dance floor friendly right now. Pastor Marvin Sapp is the relative new comer to contemporary gospel, but his sound is steeped in years of tradition. Mentored by gospel legend Fred Hammond, he’s been singing in church choirs since he was four years old. Sapp’s newest single, “Never Would Have Made It” went to the top of the Billboard gospel charts and maintains regular airplay on secular stations as well. This is the same Marvin Sapp who comedian D.L. Hughley mistakenly called Warren Sapp during an introduction at this year’s BET Awards, in case you were wondering. So if you’re in the mood for an evening of strong praise and worship, this is the place to be.
Sun., Nov. 9, 2008


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