La Cosa Emo

T-shirt designers Laki Politis and Marc Edgar are still in college, but that hasn’t hampered their clothing-biz careers. Up in their hometown of Wellington, you might even call them made men. That’s where Politis first started hocking tees emblazoned with the words “561 – Wellington Mafia” to kids at his high school (we’re sure administrators loved that). The two rode the success of the Mafia craze into a whole line of tees called Mafia Wear Clothing. While the name may be a tongue-in-cheek evocation of gangsta life, the tees are actually styled with an East L.A., punk-rock vibe (crisp line art, Old English lettering, splatters of fake rust and blood). Saturday at 6 p.m., Mafia Wear will throw a fashion party at Ray’s Downtown Blues (519 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, 561-835-1577) to celebrate its new digs, with performances by local hardcore acts the Midnight Life, On Watership Down, and more. Tickets cost $8. Visit
Sat., Aug. 25

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