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Lake Worth Your Time

The Lake Worth scene is one all its own. The small, hyper-artsy community takes artistic freedom seriously in every possible medium. Whether you specialize in playing music, making art, or sitting back and watching either, Lake Worth is a town you will frequent. But one upcoming local event is putting a different artistic form in the spotlight: filmmaking. Now in its fourth year, the L-Dub Film Festival is a three-day event that brings the big-city film-fest vibe to Lake Worth. There are no geographic barriers to entry, meaning this event includes more than just our beloved South Florida. Featuring more than a dozen movie screenings, nine workshops, three parties, an awards ceremony, and a chance to chat with the moviemakers themselves, the L-Dub Film Festival delivers a sophisticated experience for the laid-back city. With three days comes a wide variety of activities. On Friday, everything gets kicked off with the Filmmaker Reception at 7 p.m. Then Saturday, film screenings and workshops take up the entire day before the final day, Sunday, which features more indie movies and ends with a well-deserved wrap party. That's what the experts call work/life balance. The L-Dub Film Festival is Friday through Sunday at the Lake Worth Playhouse Stonzek Theatre (713 Lake Ave. in Lake Worth). Workshops and movies are at various times. Workshops are free, and movies cost $9. Call 561-586-6410, or visit
Fri., Sept. 27; Sat., Sept. 28; Sun., Sept. 29, 2013


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