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Layover Lovers

The Promethean Theatre (3301 College Ave., Davie) is known primarily for its idiosyncratic programming. One moment, Promethean's doing a quiet, meditative new play about family tragedy in the North Florida wilds; the next, its stage is covered in severed limbs, broomsticks, and possessed elk's heads for a musical version of Evil Dead. So the media don't often think to mention the fabulous instincts for physical comedy Promethean's players bring to bear whenever necessary -- a byproduct, perhaps, of Executive Artistic Director and actress Deborah Sherman's evident comfort with her own long and lovely limbs. In play after play, Promethean's players flail and fall with uncommon hilariousness. And they'll have ample opportunities to do so in Boeing Boeing -- a Tony Award-winning translation of a four-decades old French play about a lothario courting three airline stewardesses at the same time, liaising with each during their layovers. Complications ensue. It should be awesome. Boeing Boeing runs through January 29 and features Matthew Chivezer and Sally Bondi, among others. Tickets cost $25 to $30 and can be had at
Fridays-Sundays. Starts: Jan. 15. Continues through Jan. 29, 2012


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