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Leave Your Notebook At Home

Remember eighth grade English class, when you sat in the back of the room, doodling D&D characters into your notebook, only marginally paying attention to the teacher? You were an angst-ridden little guy, defiant to a fault, but when it came time to discuss Beowulf you perked right up and actually participated. Why? Because Beowulf was righteous shit! Man-hungry trolls, mighty warriors wielding huge swords, dudes literally ripping off peoples’ limbs – this zany Saxon poetry was ten-times cooler than the liner notes to Led Zeppelin IV! Pretty soon, you’d be scribbling pictures of Grendel and Hrothgar into your notebook while dreaming up the bloody, chaotic battle scenes in your mind’s eye.

Great news, friend! Other awkward teenage boys loved Beowulf too, only they grew up to be movie producers and directors. Thanks to them, we can finally see the colossal dragons, epic battles, and Angelina Jolie’s 3D boobage on the really hella’ big screen. Yup, this week at the IMAX Theater at the Museum of Discovery and Science (401 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale) you can witness Robert Zemeckis and Neil Gaiman’s ambitious, eighth grade book report, Beowulf 3D, on a forty-foot-tall screen, in three kick-ass dimensions. And let us be the first to tell you: There’s no better way to see it. General admission is $12. For showtimes call 954-463-IMAX, or visit
Dec. 5-31, 2007


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