Less James Dean, More John Cusack

She was a beauty queen, international model, and runner-up in the Mrs. America pageant; Victoria Howard lived a charmed life. Her choice of men, however, was questionable.

“When I didn’t win Mrs. America my [second] husband threatened to divorce me,” says Howard. That was when she knew she needed to break her pattern of attraction to emotionally abusive and unavailable men. (If only they weren’t so much fun!)

She spent the next four years soul searching, researching, and consulting with several therapists: What emerged from that is her new book, Why Women Love Bad Boys. It’s a gal’s common-sense guide to sniffing out the BS, before things get too serious.

Since Howard lives locally, she’s able to bring her experiences to the women who really need to hear them (ehem, that would be you and me) in her new ladies’ club “Kick ´em to the Curb!” The group keeps things fresh by meeting at different venues each month. Thursday’s get-together will be held at Gizzi’s Coffee (2275 S. Federal Hwy., Delray Beach). “It’s like Girls’ Night Out and we all tell our stories,” laughs Howard, “and the best part is, it’s free therapy!” On your first visit bring $20 to buy the book, then attend future meetings for free. Finally, a cheap date you’ll feel good about.

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