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Let My People Party

Dealing with your family's incessant "suggestions" for your love life over the holidays can be pretty difficult. You ask her to pass the mashed potatoes, a well-meaning mother asks when you’ll give her grandchildren, bubalah. You look for reprieve on Facebook, but all you find is an unending stream of engagement announcements and ring pics. Even your grandma is on the hunt, preparing to celebrate Hanukkah by giving you eight different phone numbers of eligible Jewish bachelors (doctors, lawyers, and bankers, natch), one for every night of the Festival of Lights.

Before a well-meaning cousin sticks your photo up on JDate, join your fellow single members of the tribe by party hopping between the Matzo Ball and the Mazel Tov Ball at the Hard Rock. The Society of Young Jewish Professionals’ annual Matzo Ball claims to be responsible for over 1,000 weddings, while the Mazel Tov Ball has been easing familial stress on Jewish singles for 22 years. Pick one, or double your chances for fun, and choose both.

The Matzo Ball is being held at Passion Nightclub (5701 Seminole Way, Hollywood) tonight at 9; tickets cost $30. Visit

The Mazel Tov Ball is being held at Pangaea & Griffin (5711 Seminole Way, Hollywood) tonight at 8; tickets cost $25. Visit
Wed., Dec. 24, 2008


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