Ley Down the Law

La layin' down the tunes

The Club at the resplendent Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is layin' down La Ley -- as in "the law" -- as in Latin America's melody-slinging, opinion-spewing, massively popular band. La Ley's tour brings a serious and much-needed dose of rock en español to North America, reminding us narcissistic gringos that, yep, there's a continent down there! Whether you're a web-surfing, insatiable quidnunc who lives to learn or someone who's already hip to the Latin groove, you must check out these Chilean phenoms, known for their multilingual songs (they rock in Spanish, French, and English). But don't worry about comprehension -- as with Italian opera, you don't have to be fluent in the language to drink in the emotional conveyance.

Sexy, well-read, idealistic frontman Alberto "Beto" Cuevas (whose influences range from Elvis to Simon LeBon) often uses the mic -- and his album covers -- to push a political message. Subtlety is not his forte. He's known to stir up controversy with offhand remarks, and the band's latest release, Libertad, pictures Cuevas with tape over his mouth. While he -- more Bono than LeBon -- rails against war, nimble-fingered guitarist Pedro Frugone is busy creating notes as lithe as satyr butterflies caressing submissive ears, while drummer Mauricio Clavería pounds out polyrhythmic pulses that keep audiences en sus pies.

The band formed in the late '80s and carried on after the tragic death of one of its founders, Andrés Bobé. Its massive success came after an appearance on MTV Unplugged; the CD from that session (which features "El Duelo," a tribute to Bobé) earned the band a windfall of Grammys and awards, both Latin and non. We suggest pouncing on the rare chance to check out this 15-year-old supergroup; we're a long way from Chile, amigo. -- John Shannon


La Ley

The Club at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino (5731 State Rd. 7, Hollywood)

10 p.m. Friday, July 2. Tickets cost $20. Call 954-523-3309, or visit www.ticketmaster.com

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