Like a Book Fair, But Cooler

In most books, even very pretty ones, the art is subordinate to the text, and the design — the paper, the binding, the layout, the cover — is subordinate to everything else. Not so at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood, at least not tonight (1650 Harrison St., Hollywood). There, you’ll find the traveling “Nothing Moments” exhibition. It’s a cross between a gallery and a book fair, filled with limited edition books with titles like Fuck The Babysitter – all of which are equal creations of the writer who wrote them, the illustrators who illustrated them, and the designers who designed them. The project was dreamt up by Californian artist Stephen Hull, who does this kind of thing often. (Another project idea of his goes like this: give 19 visual artists a psychopathology diagnostic test; distribute the resulting personality profiles to 19 writers of fiction; tell them to pen a story about the character the profile describes; see what happens.) Admission costs $4 to $7. Call 954-921-3274, or visit for more info.
Oct. 24-Jan. 4, 2008

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