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Lots of Bits But No Biting

In the land of humorless vanity, the man with at least one joke is King, and that man happens to be Daniel Reskin, brother of Sweat Records owner Lolo Reskin and host of a monthly showcase of Miami comedic talent called Casa de Ha-Ha. Fans of stand-up know that all the greats started in tiny venues like Sweat with four people in attendance, including somebody's Nana, and then the word got out and the crowds grew and all of a sudden you see them on HBO wearing sequined-studded purple leather suits with no shirt underneath.

Well, the word is already out about Reskin and his co-horts, so the time to catch them (and sleep with them) while they're still up-and-coming is drawing to a close. Black stretch limos with vanity plates like "WHTCRISIS?" will be blocking Second Avenue (guarded by low-level pot dealers of course) in no time. Don't sleep.
Tue., March 10, 9 p.m., 2009


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