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Luck Be a Lady

A high school student’s film got a theatrical release — at more than 15 theaters, from Miami to West Palm Beach. That’s quite a feat for our local lady, Shayne Leighton, who wrote a dark romance about high school and demonic, immortal creatures when she was a senior at Alexander Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach. This flick, The Incubus, should appeal to the Twilight masses. But these demonic, immortal creatures aren’t vampires or werewolves. And the biggest difference perhaps is that these dark characters... well, they haven’t felt anything for centuries. So, they hunger for human emotions. And they go after sleeping women. And if they touch you, you fall to sickness or death.

Luck had it that Leighton — who also stars and codirects as well as wrote and sang for the soundtrack — found Marcie Gorman, who helped her finance and direct the film. Leighton’s fellow classmate, Alexandra Santanna, also performs vocals for the soundtrack and costars. Their characters live in the small town of Spoon River. Leighton stars as Marnie Rose, who becomes quickly enamored of Rafael, a mysterious newbie to the town. Santanna is cast as head of the Incubus Clan; we can assume she is not thrilled when she notices Marnie and Rafael’s attraction to each other. Oh, high school — with a twist. Some theaters showing the film include Muvico Theaters in Pompano Beach, Regal Cinemas Magnolia Place Stadium 16 in Coral Springs, and Regal Cinemas Sawgrass Stadium 23 and IMAX in Sunrise. Normal ticket prices apply. For more on the film, visit
Fri., Sept. 10, 2010


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