MADtv’s funny man clears it up: He never starred in Grey’s Anatomy

As one of the longest-running (and one of the funniest) cast members of MADtv, comedian Bobby Lee is often mistaken for some of the people he impersonates. He says people have thought he’s from Heroes, American Idol, and Grey’s Anatomy (to which he says, “That’s a chick!”).

Lee has an enjoyable, slightly frantic stand-up presence, often running around in various stages of undress. The hyper Korean American from San Diego talks about issues affecting Asian Americans, like Southerners’ need to guess his ethnicity (no, he’s not Samoan), and photographers telling him to open his eyes more at photo shoots.

Lee makes observations that we’ve all made, yet with a clever added twist, such as the new pictures of prohibited weapons at airport security checkpoints, which include nunchakus and Chinese stars (shuriken). Lee says, “Are there a lot of ninjas that fly Southwest?”

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