Making Love to Confections

If you’re looking for a nice family friendly hypnotism act where a guy in a funny outfit twirls around a wristwatch and makes someone walk across the stage like a chicken, don’t attend Rich Guzzi’s Psycho-Hypnosis show. If instead you would like to see a dozen people performing oral sex on doughnuts and vibrators while a gruff man with a thick New York accent screams things that would make Ron Jeremy blush, you’ve found your perfect evening of entertainment. Aside from pantomimed cunnilingus, it’s not uncommon to find people stripping on stage, performing hardcore hip-hop in Mandarin, or just being generally berated for the amusement of a howling crowd at a Rich Guzzi performance. Guzzi himself claims that everyone who attends his show, especially those "lucky" few who perform, will leave more confident and happy people. That, or they'll be stricken by a crippling case of embarrassment and self doubt — but at least it’ll be funny to everyone else.
July 23-26, 2009

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