Making the Most of Schizophrenia

If you were diagnosed with having a multiple personality disorder, what would you do for a living? Working for the man is tough enough, even without having to deal with multiple Ids. Attempting to hide your mental disease from your co-workers and customers would also prove pretty difficult. Ever tried alternating between a Japanese businessman, an obsessive Beanie Baby collector, and a neglected Eskimo child during an office meeting? It’s not pretty.

Frank Caliendo may have it all figured out. As one of the top impressionist comics working today, Frank has a gaggle of personalities crammed deep in his cranium. Whether he’s breaking it down as John Madden or Jim Rome on the sports talk circuit or lampooning George Bush and Al Pacino on his show, Frank TV, Caliendo is constantly shifting roles. Most importantly, no one really knows if he’s just being funny -- or if he’s actually crazy. Maybe a bit of both? You can judge for yourself (or selves) when Frank Caliendo performs at 7 p.m. at Hard Rock Live (5747 Seminole Way, Hollywood). Tickets start at $35.50, and can be had at
Thu., March 13, 2008

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