If the Addams Family taught us anything, it’s that a hand can be as expressive a body part as a face. Just take a look at Thing – for an animated, severed hand, he was easily the most relatable character on the show. He always went into situations with his, ahhh… chin held high, ready to save the day or simply offer a much-needed pat on the back (and he was a great dancer). But, seriously: Our love for Thing speaks volumes about the importance of this cherished appendage – and nowhere is that more apparent than at the new exhibit “A Show of Hands.” The collection brings together hands of all flavors, from sculpted fists to photographs of emotive palms, with some pieces dating back as far as 1840 (a photogenic drawing by William Henry Fox Talbot). Shake a hand or two from now through March 25 at the Norton Museum of Art (1451 S. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach). Admission costs $8. Call 561-832-5196, or visit
Jan. 13-March 25, 2008

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