Mashing Up Before Mash-ups Even Existed

Dipping into 1950’s-1960’s era nostalgia for artistic reasons can be a tricky business. If referenced poorly, you come off looking like a puffy Elvis impersonator at a Holiday Inn banquet hall, serving up covers from Hawaii between prime rib dinners. But if your nostalgia is nurtured and cultivated correctly, you can use it to tap into something inspired that’s somehow all your own. Case in point: West Palm Beach’s The Dillengers. Pulling inspiration from a record collection that includes everything from the life-affirming soul of Otis Redding to the rhythm-challenged girl group garage rock of The Shags, The Dillengers mix Americana, cowpunk, surf, vintage TV theme songs, and anything else with a beat into a sound that’s distinctly theirs. Take a listen when the band performs at 9 p.m. at Bamboo Room (25 South J Street, Lake Worth) It’s free! Call 561-585-2583, or visit
Wed., Jan. 30, 2008

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