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Meeting People Is Easy

You’re intelligent, attractive, and relatively well-adjusted — still, you have trouble meeting someone who is also at least two of those three. Craig’s List is a den of weirdoes, a crapshoot, and MyBootySpace is like clicking your way to syphilis. Well, Casanova, dare we suggest something slightly more wholesome? The Broward and Miami Sport & Social Club brings together adults ages 21 to 45 under the banner of good, ol’ fashioned physical activity. You know: softball, flag football, soccer, and more, plus less-than-physical activities like happy hours and tailgating. Today, the Club is organizing a Battle of the Sexes Bar Crawl, where you may not only meet your next beau-to-be, but hopefully annihilate him or her in the spirit of healthy competition.

Just head down to DP's Beach Bar at 200 N. Broadwalk in Hollywood at noon. You’ll get a handful of coins and shuffled into a male or female team, where you can compete with fellow X- or Y-chromosomes in skill challenges that range from typical bar games (pool, darts, Wii) to college favorites (flip cup, beer pong, quarters) to game show inspired contests (gender feud, trivia). From there, you’ll crawl to two other bars, betting as many coins on each challenge as you like. The team with the most coins after the crawl is over will win bragging rights for their sex and (even better) a bar tab at the participating joints. And who knows: you might even meet someone to share that bar tab with.

The battle costs just $20 to enter. Register in advance at, or call 740-974-3601.
Sat., July 18, noon, 2009


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