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Minerals Rock!

One of the first things they teach in science is that stuff is made out of other stuff, or rather, the more you break things down, the more things you find to break down further. Take a rock, for example: Rocks are composed of one or more minerals. Some rocks have just one primary mineral, like limestone, which is made of calcite. But the rocks that make up the glowing core of our Earth? Well, those guys wouldn’t be who they are without the help of dozens of minerals.

What most of us like about minerals is what we see at face value: they’re shiny. You can thank their crystalline lattice structure for that — it’s the way minerals grow and it takes thousands of years for it to happen. So when you see the new exhibit Minerals Rock at the Museum of Discovery and Science (401 SW Second St., Fort Lauderdale), you’ll see the final product of lots of time, combined with heat and large amounts of pressure. Plus, they look cool. Check it out today; the exhibit is on loan from Broward Community College. Visit
Starts: Aug. 22. Daily, 2008


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