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Nick at Night

Nick Griffin went into comedy “because he’s funny and hates having a boss,” according to his bio. But we’re glad he did, because he makes us laugh, and he brings an endearing sort of humble charm to the stage. His personality shines through in his stream-of-consciousness blog, where he talks about everything from quitting smoking (“I’m off cigarettes. Unfortunately I’m crying and wetting my pants more than ever”), to wishing kindness upon his fans (“I hope someone is touching you in an affectionate way on a regular basis”). Griffin openly admits, “I wish I were a bigger star,” and gives shoutouts to fellow comedians like George Carlin (“a fucking legend”) and Dave Attell (“so funny it’s depressing”). With his career on the upswing, Griffin performs at the Improv Paradise Live (5700 Seminole Way, Hollywood) Thursday through Saturday. Tickets cost $15.90. Call 954-981-5653, or visit
April 13-15


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