Nocturnal Mission

For the poor souls we call insomniacs, not even Ben Stein reading computer code will call in the Sandman. So why even try? Dave Attell sure doesn’t, and for that, Comedy Central awarded him with a TV show, Insomniac with Dave Attell. While most people are in bed, safely counting sheep, Attell’s cruising the nation’s bar and club scene, counting Jell-O shots. It’s a job most Americans would kill for. But it’s not something any drunkard with a camera can just fall into. Attell got his first big break a decade ago when Saturday Night Live daddy-o Lorne Michaels personally selected him to join the show. Since then, Attell has been a regular on standup specials, late-night shows, and, more importantly, seedy dive bars. Let’s hope Attell doesn’t party too hard in Himmarshee this weekend.
Jan. 13-15

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