Not Just Another “The” Band

When The Strokes kicked off the decade with one of the best selling garage records in years, it not only fueled the indie-rock revolution, it created a deluge of new acts. Strangely enough, a high percentage of these acts were titled "The [insert noun]" or "The [insert verb]." Despite the overwhelming popularity of “The” bands, only a handful were able to stand tall above their short name.

Take Deerfield Beach’s very own The Bikes for example. By evolving from a garage outfit to an alt-country quartet on their album Get Stolen, Rick Ambrose and his merry men created some of South Florida’s most original and endearing music. Their recent MySpace post (hinting at new recording sessions) should excite fans anxious to hear them test out fresh material, which they may do at their Friday night show at Alligator Alley.

Bring your car, or maybe ride your Bike to 1321 E. Commercial Blvd. in Oakland Park (after all, those Native Ales can be mighty addictive). Just leave your neon helmet outside. Tickets cost $5. The show starts at 10 p.m. Visit
Fri., Jan. 16, 10 p.m., 2009

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