Out of the Closet

We all have enough skeletons in our closet to make Halloween decorating a breeze. Maybe they’re of the benign variety, like bedroom dancing in your underwear to your favorite guilty pleasure, or maybe they’re more scandalous in nature, like that questionable one-night stand. No matter where they lay on the scale of shame, we cringe about the fateful moment when our own regrettable decisions become the topic of conversation or, even worse, status updates. Even so, there’s no denying the voyeuristic pleasure we get from watching the same shit happen to others — that, dear readers, is called schadenfreude, and you can bask in it guilt-free on Wednesday, when more than 20 artists bare some of their darkest and hopefully dirtiest secrets as part of Art Nouveau’s latest event, aptly titled “Confessions.” With the added bonuses of a live portrait artist, body painting, burlesque dancers, sushi, and drink specials, you’re bound to have some new confessions of your own by the end of the night. The free confessionals begin at 8 p.m. at the Lounge (517 Clematis St., West Palm Beach). Call 561-655-9747.
Wed., Oct. 13, 8 p.m., 2010

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