Party Like It’s 1979

We’ve been hearing about the death of the record store ever since CD sales started getting edged out by Napster. And yet, Miami’s own Sweat Records keeps on slouching towards Bethlehem. One of the reasons they’ve survived is the re-birth of the vinyl record, that inimitable combination of art, nostalgia, and tone that seems to only improve with brevity. For instance, why are seven-inch singles so much more fun to own than full-length, double-gatefold LP’s?

If you know the answer, you’ll probably be celebrating International Record Store Day at Sweat Records today, a party that also commemorates the store’s fourth anniversary. Many of the bands you love and worship are releasing or re-releasing exclusive vinyl material for the occasion, including Radiohead, Tom Waits, the Stooges (re-release of “1969” on picture sleeve seven-inch? We think we just crapped our pants), the Smiths, Pavement, Neil Young, Modest Mouse, Bad Religion, Elvis Costello, Flight of the Conchords, Iron and Wine, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and so on and so forth. Store owner Lolo Reskin will also have a full-lineup of DJs and her famous, fresh cupcakes. Go to for more exclusives, or for event-specific info. Call 305-758-5862.
Sat., April 18, 2009

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