Party Osmosis: It’s Only a Theory

Have you ever wondered why Browidians and Palm Beachers are so much more willing to travel to Miami than vice versa? The predominant theory is that there is a selectively permeable membrane that divides Broward from Miami, and that typically the rules of party osmosis only allow the 954 and 561 to flow south, while keeping the 305 neatly secluded. But when Jesse Jackson storms Dada (52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach) Thursday, all of that will change.

See, Jackson usually shares his music – a blend of soul-driven traveling tunes, earnest percussion, and tangly lyrics all whipped up and presented like a beautiful cotton candy spiderweb – with the Magic City. And while his session-style sets could give any room a relaxed glow, he thinks enough of you forgotten children of the north to make the arduous journey out of the 305 and into Delray Beach. Take advantage of this rare treat tonight by sitting under the stars, drink in hand, while Mr. Jackson charms the pants off you. Take a listen at, or call Dada (not Dade) for information at 561-330-3232.
Thursdays, 2009


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