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On one end of the wrestling spectrum is the spectacle of your typical WWE match, with Armageddon choreographed like a hair metal video. Then there’s the ER-filling backyard jump-off-the-garage crap that the neighbor kids are always pulling. Somewhere in the middle stands independent semipro wrestling. Wrasslin’, you might call it, if you’re also inclined to believe it’s all real. Which, in a sense, this stuff is. It takes a damn fine showman to capture a crowd when all the lights stay on the whole time, the sound system doesn’t exactly shake the paint off the walls, and anyone in the joint can make eye contact and tell you how much you suck, to your face.

That’s most of the wrestling going on in this country, and it’s what you can expect at Division 1 Pro Wrestling’s 2-Year Anniversary Show. In main event, former WWE gladiator Savio Vega challenges D1PW’s champion Bruce Santee for the heavyweight title. Behold as the man-mound that is 600-plus-who-the-hell-knows-pound Maximum Capacity threatens the very structural integrity of former WWE Spirit Squad member Mikey. Ogle the two chicks wrasslin’. And then there’s a ladder match between Tommy Vandal and Johnny Vandal. Tell any of them, or the fellers in the other six matches, that they suck — to their faces — at the Davie PAL Gym (4300 SW 57th Terr., Davie) at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday. Tickets run $12 for adults and $5 for the kiddies. Get more information by calling 954-554-7688, or visit d1pw.com.
Sat., Oct. 25, 2008

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