Reconcilable Differences

When it comes to fans of different genres of music, no two could be more opposite than eye-liner sporting goth-punks and line-dancing, country rednecks. Throwing both groups in a room together should be more awkward then a middle school prom, if not more violent. Yet somehow, through fusion, the two styles seem to have reached a common ground. We’re not sure why rockabilly became that connection, but when you can enjoy a Cramps record as much as one from Hank Williams, you’re one step closer to global harmony.

This appreciation is what the Hot Rod Hillbillies are all about. (Well no, they actually stand for kick-ass rock and roll, lots of drinking, and bad behavior.) The Austin, Texas band will be sharing the stage with local country western rockers Two Story Double Wide, and Hawg Jowls and the Bacon Fats — a group so enamored with pork that they have to be worth checking out.

The trio of rockabilly and country acts will be appearing at the Zoo Bar this Thursday. Bring your hog out to 2606 S. Federal Hwy. in Fort Lauderdale. Music starts at 9 p.m., and it’ll cost you $7 to get in.
Thu., July 16, 9 p.m., 2009

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