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Research on a Parrothead

(To be read in the voice of famed narrator, David Attenborough)

After decades of study, what scientists understand about the illusive Parrothead is still quite limited. Darwin once posited that due to the Parrothead’s affection for leisure, it would become extinct within three generations and be replaced with more “aggressive animals.” But Darwin mistook the species’ laid-back approach to life for an inability to adapt, when in fact, Parrotheads now flourish in greater numbers than at any point in history due to a unique coping mechanism: the ability to locate their own flock and take over public transit systems.

Join the Barefoot Children of Fort Lauderdale, a gaggle of do-gooding Parrotheads, as they raise funds for the American Lung Association the old fashioned way: with a Water Taxi Pub Crawl. Just 30 dollars gets you unlimited rides on the Water Taxi this Saturday with your brethren, as well as drink specials along the waterway and a post-crawl party at Bahia Cabana from 8 to 11 p.m. featuring a silent auction, a live band, and a fruitcake hat contest. Get the whole scoop, and register to party, at Bahia Cabana is located at 3001 Harbor Dr. in Fort Lauderdale.
Sat., May 16, 8 p.m., 2009


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