Respect the Rock

Respectfully yours, Poulain
Colby Katz

Ah, it seems like only yesterday, but it was 15 years ago that downtown West Palm Beach first found a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Respectable Street Cafe has evolved over the past decade and a half into the finest venue for local live music in Palm Beach County. Where else you gonna go? The ex-Winn-Dixie that is Ovation? The no-smoking, no-drinking, no-fun Carefree Theatre? You see our point. We could go on and on. But Respectable Street is not only grade-A atmosphere. The place has brought in national and local acts so diverse that it is impossible to call it a rock club, a dance club, or any of the various other tags pinned on nightclubs throughout the country.

But it's what the place has done for the local scene that has made the Street invaluable. And this Saturday, the locals offer their thanks with 15 Years of Oblivion. The list of bands signed on to participate in this music minifest is lengthy indeed: Double Stack Scoobie, Poulain, the Remedy Session, One Dog's Opinion, the Livid Kittens, the Keith Scott Band, Innisfree, the Bikes, Breaking Spree, Richard Sherfey and the Shake, 30 Odd Sticks, the Holy Terrors, Remember the Ocean, Dotfash, Scott Nixon, Panda Bite, and Vinyl, among others. Heck, some of these bands, namely the Holy Terrors, hardly even exist anymore, but the opportunity to pay homage to Respectable Street drew their members together -- the sort of strange, instinctual pull that causes salmon to swim upstream each year or turtles to keep coming back to the same beach.


15 Years of Oblivion

Respectable Street Cafe, 518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach

Saturday, November 30. Call 561-832-0706.

For all of you motorists intending to travel by Respectable Street on Saturday, don't bother. Street closures are in order as the party is expected to fill capacity and spill out into the streets. You who happen to love a good birthday party, you know where to go. Along with all the bands, partygoers can expect giveaways, free drinks, and, of course, the requisite birthday cake.

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