Rockin' Reverend

The Reverend Jeff Mosier and his merry band of bluegrass brethren are taking the stage with an all-new bag of tricks. They’re calling their sound psychedelic hick-hop bluesgrass and their band BlueGround UnderGrass. It’s music laced with sudden shifts in an attempt to “urbanize the rural and ruralize the urban,” at least according to the Reverend. This band is all about the live jam session. But it’s no wonder the reverend is into the psychedelic scene -- he’s a certified nursing assistant who specializes in geriatric dementia. Mosier, an original member of Aquarium Rescue Unit, was also onetime bluegrass coach for Phish, and played live with the band several times. He’s also gotten bluesy with Widespread Panic and the Zambiland Orchestra over the years. BlueGround UnderGrass performs at 9 p.m. Wednesday at the Bamboo Room (25 S. “J” St., Lake Worth). Tickets cost $18. Call 561-585-BLUE, or visit
Wed., Feb. 1

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