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Rock's Role

Standing up to jingoism – that’s Chris Rock territory. So it’s not too far fetched to see his little brother Tony Rock take it on as well. “Everyone in this country is here illegally,” Tony joked on Def Comedy Jam. “Even the white people. They just killed off all the witnesses.”

If you grow up in the same apartment with Chris Rock, you damn well better be funny, and you could do worse than to share his sense of humor. Where the brothers diverge is in delivery. Tony’s sillier than Chris, and less shrill; if all you knew was that Tony was the little brother of a famous comedian, you might guess Dave Chappelle, because Tony recalls Chappelle’s talent for jokes that seduce their targets. “If they get rid of the Mexicans, who the fuck do you think is next?” he says to his black audience. “You don’t get rid of the chairs and keep the table.” See if the little Rock gets you rolling at the Improv Paradise Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (1 Seminole Way, Hollywood), part of a three-day stint, with Friday shows at 8 and 10 p.m. Tickets are $20 through For more information call 954-981-5653.
Fri., Jan. 4, 2008


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