Rocky Horror Picture Show

There’s nothing quite as sneaky and vile as when your friends invite you over for a seemingly harmless get-together, only to unveil their true motives once you walk in the door: forcing you to watch their mind-numbing slide shows. Suddenly, pics from their cheery vacation in Yellowstone become snuff film-caliber monstrosities, and stills from their wedding evoke more winces than a screening of 2 Girls 1 Cup. It’s a horrific experience altogether, made more so by the realization that your buddies -- and you too, probably -- are simply very, very bored. You’ve got to get them past this slide show hang-up, stat! Take them to see A Jew Grows in Brooklyn this Thursday night at the Cuillo Centre for the Arts (201 Clematis St., West Palm Beach). The show follows the life of New York-born Jake Ehrenreich, a son of Holocaust survivors, as he reminisces on his life through song, dance, and (YES!) lots and lots of pictures. It’s a musical. It’s a slide show. It’s a musical slide show! It will, at the very least, show your friends that they’ll need start composing show tunes if they plan on trapping you on their couch again for two hours. Tickets start at $37.50. Call 561-835-9226, or visit
Jan. 17-31; Thursdays-Sundays, 2008

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