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Running Pains

It’s impossible to understand women: They get irrationally angry at the silliest minutia. Like in the new Simon Pegg, Michael Ian Black vehicle Run Fatboy Run, Dennis Doyle’s character, Pegg, has a love interest who’s still holding a grudge against him for a mistake he made years before. Granted, his error was larger than some (he abandoned her at the altar while she was very pregnant with their child), but he’s, like, really sorry and stuff. God, chicks are crazy – right, guys? Right?

Doyle knows that if he’s ever going to be genuinely happy he’s got to get back into her emotional nook. But a pesky new boyfriend (Hank Azaria) wants to cockblock his game. Sounds like it’s time for a B.R.G. (Bold Romantic Gesture – it’s chick flick lingo)! Thankfully the big Nike marathon (AKA a chance to prove his love and masculinity) is right around the corner. Fans of Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The State, large men in little spandex suits, and Rocky will be at Sunrise Cinema’s Las Olas Riverfront today for the US opening of this soon-to-be cult classic. Showtimes vary: visit
March 29-April 16, 2008


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