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Sa Da Tay!

Louis C.K.’s career has been a mixed bag. As a general rule, if he’s only writing it, it’s good: take his three original hours of stand up material (Shameless, Chewed-up, and Hilarious), writing for SNL, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman and The Chris Rock Show. Critics will call out one glaring exception: The 2001 film Pootie Tang about a folk hero with a magic belt fighting against corporate America while speaking complete gibberish. It’s a mystery how this hasn’t become a cult hit, especially with the heavy smoking crowd, but that’s how Louis C.K.’s career outside stand-up has played out thus far. One thing’s for certain, though: once Louis his the stage at a comedy club, nothing but comedic brilliance pours out.

Catch Louis C.K. at 550 South Rosemary Ave in West Palm Beach, (aka the Palm Beach Improv) from June 11 through 13. Tickets start at $21.30. Call 561-833-1812 or visit
Thu., June 11; Fri., June 12; Sat., June 13, 2009


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