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Salacious, Satanist Sinners

The Genitorturers emerged from Orlando in 1993: an S&M band in the shadow of Disneyworld. It’s hard to confirm rumors that “audience participants” at Genitorturer shows get their scrotums nailed to wooden boards. But such activity would be true to their name.

In their 15 years, the Genitorturers have prowled the world, bringing hard-core rock and sadomasochism to the people. Their performances feature lots of lashing and sex play. Throughout the song “House of Shame,” a man swings on hooks in his nipplies. The Genitorturers traffic in the best industrial music. They came out of the hard-core scene in ΄90s South Florida, which also brought fame to Broward Community College journalism major Marilyn Manson. Their work has been featured on VH1 and, if you’ll believe it, Fox News.

Master Tatu will preside over tonight’s rope-sex proceedings at Mr. G’s (2650 S. Military Trl., West Palm Beach). The show starts 7:00 p.m.; there’ll be a DJ’d industrial/goth party until 5 a.m. Tickets cost $15 in advance, $20 the day of. Call 561-434-9917, or visit
Sat., Nov. 15, 2008


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