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Skate or Die

It’s a little known fact: Pro skateboarders have concave eyeballs. It’s true. That’s why all skate videos are filmed with a fish eye lens – the effects counter each other out and, to skaters, it looks normal. Christian skaters are another breed altogether. They also have distinguishable traits, such as the predilection to say things like “God is the gnarliest half-pipe of all, brah” and “If you want to catch serious air, get high on Jesus.”

Chad Tim Tim is one such skater. Aside from having been uniquely named, he’s a professional rider for Element Skateboards and a born-again Christian. He’s also known for a pretty badass kickflip. Saturday, Chad will be visiting Ramp 48+ Skatepark at Calvary Chapel (6290 NW 27th Way, Fort Lauderdale) to demo his skills for would-be skaters and would-be Christians, give a clinic on riding board, and host a trick contest for local skaters. The clinic starts at 9:30 a.m. and is free to attend; the demo and contest begins at 11 and costs $5. Throw down $10 and you can skate all day too. Call 954-782-7267, or send an e-mail to
Sat., April 26, 2008


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