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Soca is the Cure

Instead of heading down to South Beach this Memorial Day weekend and dealing with all the hip-hop brouhaha, why not keep it local and let soca be your remedy? Spice up the weekend with a Caribbean flair at the aptly titled Remedy... More Soca event at Fort Lauderdale's Lockhart Stadium. A night chock-full of soca, an offshoot of calypso music with soul and funk undertones, seems like a great alternative. This evening brings together the best in soca talent from around the world, including DJ Steeliback, who hails from soca's birthplace, Trinidad and Tobago. Also on the bill is the Renaissance Disco crew, reggae and dancehall mixmasters who come from Jamaica and have been behind the tropical decks for more than 22 years. This Caribbean fete starts at 11:30 p.m. Friday and lasts until 4 a.m. at Lockhart Stadium, located on 1350 NW 55th St. in Fort Lauderdale. Free entry before 1 a.m., $20 afterward. Free drinks for the ladies before 1 a.m. too. Call 954-907-2991, or visit Facebook.
Fri., May 23, 11:30 p.m., 2014


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