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SoFla is star-struck. Our heads snap collectively towards every blinged-out entourage in hope of catching a glimpse of whoever’s at its nucleus. So when one of the stars that’s struck us the hardest – Gary Sinise – comes to town, expect everyone you know to flock. Friday night the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival is throwing a multi-faceted event in Sinise’s honor. There’s a cocktail party/gala/to-do at the Signature Grand (6900 SR 84, Davie), where you can attempt to corrupt Sinise with your mastery of the “shoulder lean,” and an Inside the Actor’s Studio style Q&A with him at the Rose and Alfred Miniaci Center (3100 Ray Ferrero Jr. Blvd., Fort Lauderdale), so do your best James Lipton impression when asking Gary how he channeled a legless lieutenant for his character in Forrest Gump. The whole thing is open to the public and reasonably priced at a mere $30 for both. The Q&A starts at 7:30 p.m. on the Nova campus, then be part of the entourage (finally!) and head to the after-party at the Signature Grand. Visit
Fri., Nov. 9, 7:30 p.m., 2007

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