Stem Cells and Death Metal

Death metal bands and their fans are universally known for their political correctness and sensitivity toward humanity in general. As if to prove this point, the Slaughtered Fetus Mini Music Festival is going down on Saturday at 6:00 p.m. at Area 7 Music & Ale (3809 Powerline Rd., Oakland Park). Bitchslicer, one of the headlining bands, is traveling all the way from Philadelphia to spread its heartfelt thrash metal messages via songs like “Legalize Beastiality [sic] Now,” “Lycanthropic Fellatio,” and “Sodomancer.” Anyone who attends is sure to learn valuable life lessons while their eardrums are ground to dust by some of the heaviest guitar riffs ever played. Bitchslicer is playing with nine other metal and hardcore bands at this 18 and up show. Tickets cost $10, or $5 for those 21 and up. The best part: For a measly $20, you’re strapped in for all you can drink well, draft, long island iced tea, and shot specials. Call 954-561-9134, or visit
Sat., June 14, 2008

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