Strange Brew!

Got a craving for beer that goes beyond the ordinary, mass-produced labels that line supermarket’s shelves? Look no further than BX Beer Depot (2964 Second Ave. N., Lake Worth). The Palm Beach institution has been a haven for lovers of both microbrews and obscure foreign brands for over 30 years. And the Depot's owner, Sally Parsons, can attest to that: "I was going there for kegs when I was 18," she says. (Hey, 18 used to be the legal age!)

Since taking control of the shop five years ago, Parsons bought out a competing outlet and moved into a new location. Now BX does much more than just sling quality beers – it’s also the official home of the Palm Beach Draughtsmen, a local home brewing club, and host to monthly home brewing classes and events that cover important topics like sanitation, ingredients, bottling, and kegging. Friday at 4:30 p.m., the Depot will host a free beer tasting event focusing on imported brews. Check out what's on the sampling docket: Mahou from Spain; a Czech pilsner called Staropramen; Hoegaarden; Widmer, a wheaty Hefeweizen; everyone's favorite Belgian beer, Stella Artois; and the luscious Red Hook Blonde. And why does Parsons offer free tastings like this one when plain old Bud is so much easier to sell? “We’re a little store, but we hope by carrying the microbrews and creating interest we can raise Florida up to get more quality beers out here,” she says. Now that's a good call. Visit
Second Friday of every month, 4:30 p.m., 2007

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