Studied Spontaneity

Those unlucky bastards who've attempted improv comedy -- and the even unluckier bastards who've watched the attempts -- know how hard it is. You can't just assume the stage and make funny happen. You gotta have technique. And the folks at Laughing Gas Improv have technique to spare. They got it the hard way -- doing improv across Miami for 19 seasons of brilliant nights and horrendous gaffes; stillborn audiences and gales of applause. And starting January 2, with the Level One Improvisational Acting course, Laughing Gas' artistic director, Gerald Owens, is sharing the troupe's accumulated wisdom in a seven-part weekly course at the Peaches School of Dance (2018 NE 155 St., North Miami Beach). Tuition for all seven weeks is $199. Owens has worked with everybody -- Charles Nelson Reilly, Christopher Walken, James Gandolfini, lots of others -- and insists that improv isn't just essential for comedians; that thinking on one's feet, acting in the moment, flying by the seat of one's pants is an essential component of all acting. For info on Owens' class, look up the Laughing Gas troupe on Facebook.
Mon., Jan. 2, 2012

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