Sushi and Sodomy

It’s weird but totally true: Gay men love raw fish. In Wilton Manors, Galangas Thai & Sushi has been the site of more romantic first dates than Georgie’s Alibi and Jim Naugle’s favorite bathroom stall, combined. That’s why it makes intuitive sense that, just to the north, Sushi Groove (2730 S. Dixie, West Palm) is giving up its weekly Friday slots to Ms. Misty Eyez, SoFla’s largest, loudest, and most obscenely Technicolor drag queen. Groove is, yes, a dance club + sushi bar. DJ Adam West spins 10 p.m. – 4 a.m., and you can find out more by calling 561-837-8588. Visit to see the space before you travel.
Fridays, 2008

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